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Hunting Area

Kimberley is in a sub-Sahara region, very dry, semi-wooded area with a lot of sand. Water is limited therefore very ideal for bowhunting. The lodge is situated on 5,000 acres. Weather during July and August is usually cool (38-48F in the mornings and evenings while warming up to 60-70F in the day). It is best to bring clothes that layer. Reminder that laundry is done daily so no need to overpack! 

Ground blinds bowhunting

All hunting will be done out of ground blinds (usually brick built) and tree stands. Walk and stalk is limited since the success rate out of hides is much higher. All hunting is within reserves and high fence areas. It is not possible to hunt public land since animals are non-existent. 


This map gives you a better idea of where Kimberley is and its reference to any other location you might be wanting to visit in South Africa. Kimberley has it's own airport which makes it logistically a great location for hunting and getting back to Johannesburg or any other tourist destination. 

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